It seems ages since I promised this hotel review in my Greece Photo Diary… Nevertheless: Here are my thoughts on the place we stayed at back in August and I am more than excited to share some additional, dashing visuals with you guys!


When my mom first stumbled across the Kos Imperial Thalasso (part of the Grecotel chain, located in Psalidi/ Kos) online, she was convinced right away. We are talking 5-star-resort, several exclusive À La Carte Restaurants, incredible breakfast buffets, bungalows, suites, direct access to the sea, spa, gym, tennis courts, beach volleyball courts, airport services and so forth – the list is endless. And we were not disappointed. The food was simply outstanding; not to mention super fresh, on a daily basis. Breakfast was definitely my favorite: Loads of fruit, Greek yoghurt and hot chocolate crêpe – made right in front of your eyes. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten that much on a vacation (“So we meet again, dear love handles…”). In terms of the room prices, I would have to say they are pretty reasonable for a 5-star-resort (also taking into account that we booked on very short notice).







You might think: “Oh, so the hotel was great – why the review then, Soph?” Well, there are a couple of things we weren’t too happy about: I strongly recommend NOT booking within the season, as the place was packed with families and kids. From time to time, I could feel that scary “Magic Life Club All Inclusive Feeling” sneaking up on us. Also – however, I’m not sure if that’s just a personal pet peeve of mine – it seemed the bathrooms were being cleaned with a gallon of chlorine. Something about that smell I can’t quite deal with. Aside from that I thought renting a tennis court was quite expensive – since we played almost daily, that kind of added up.

All in all, though – we were super happy with our place. The staff was one of the kindest I have met in a long time. What I’ve noticed as well is that most of the Hotel spoke perfect German. It seems the Greek take their tourism businesses very seriously, especially since the country’s economy is not doing so rosy at the moment. The island of Kos certainly relies on tourism and I am happy that its people practice it with genuine enthusiasm.

Why not give Kos a try for your next vacay? I’d certainly recommend it!

Take care & read you soon – xoxo,



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