About time for some beauty related bla bla on this blog! Today I thought I’d share my personal #1 lip balm brand (and secret weapon against chapped/ dry lips). May I present: E.O.S. – also known as “evolution of smooth”!


Frankly, the brand’s name seemed a little cheesy to me, in the beginning, however, they’re products really do the trick. I first stumbled upon these oddly shaped, brightly colored “egg thingies” on a recent trip to NYC with my boyfriend. I knew I had seen them before, I just couldn’t quite recall where – most likely in one of Michelle Phan’s make-up tutorials (she’s pretty much a YouTube legend by now). I gave their top sold version “summer fruit” a try and… I was instantly sold. The application process is super easy, as you simply need one swipe to cover both lips. Also, it’s 95% organic, smells sensational and, to my surprise, tastes really yummy! (Nothing worse than balms that smell nice, yet leave weird tastes when accidentally licking your lips – am I right?)


[My EOS collection: Honeysucklesweet mintsummer fruit and passion fruit]

While 4$ might seem quite a bit for “just” a lip balm, these things will last and last you for a decade! Once my first pick ran out after approx. six months (while having used it almost daily), I couldn’t help but order a huge load via Amazon. I even convinced a colleague at work to join in and he (yes, he) loves them as much as I do. So, if you’re originally from the States (or visiting soon) and haven’t heard of these pretty babies yet, definitely give them a try!

Take care & read you soon – xoxo,



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