Over the past weeks I’ve been travelling back and forth between Vienna and Klagenfurt (Carinthia). My family is lucky enough to be calling a couple of tiny, yet beautiful apartments their summer residence – and who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that? Working part-time and owning the good old classic “ÖBB summer ticket” (allowing young people to travel across Austria by train for free, all summer long) seemed to be the perfect combination and reason enough for lots of spontaneous weekend getaways.

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Klagenfurt, the capital of Carinthia, is located at the Eastern end of lake “Wörthersee”, allowing it to be one of the most sought after Austrian cities during the summer. Besides Vienna, I couldn’t think of any other Austrian capital offering more events and publicity than Klagenfurt: The Iron Man triathlon race, several Fête Blanche parties, the grand Beach Volleyball Championships and many more. Besides – 90% of the time, the weather is gorgeous and there’s always something to do or go see.


As I’ve been spending quite some time down there, I thought I’d share my favorite 3 lakeside spots with you:

1. Rowing ClubAlbatros (Friedelstrand 10, Klagenfurt)

A cozy, family friendly place featuring access to the lake, boat rentals, two gyms as well as a restaurant offering a mixture of delicious Indian and Carinthian cuisine (a bit on the pricy side). Entrance fee: Approx. 5€.

2. “Snake Island (accessible by boat, Pörtschach)

A gorgeous, bright, somewhat hidden piece of paradise, right between Pörtschach and Dellach, halfway across the lake. Simply rent a boat, drop anchor in front of the island and enjoy the beautiful, shallow, turquoise waters. (And no, there’s no snakes – I’ve been wondering about the origin of the name as well – I’m guessing it’s regional slang…)

3. Ristorante Ciao Ciao (Töschling 74, Pörtschach)

A spacious, well-visited Italian restaurant on the way from Töschling to Pörtschach. My recommendation: Their pizzas are to die for!


Go on, give Carinthia a try! Who need’s overpriced trips to the Caribbean, if this glimpse of heaven is right around your corner?

Take care & read you soon – xoxo,



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