Personally, I’ve never considered investing in a pair of proper shades a necessity. When it comes to sunglasses, I’ve always been one of the many people preferring quantity over quality. In other words, “go ahead and treat yourself with as many pairs as you want, as long as you stick to knock-offs”. Well, there I was, always a sucker for cheap, colorful, crappy versions of sunglasses sold on Croatian beaches, Viennese flea markets and Italian street corners.

Until I stumbled across Ray Ban’s somewhat retro inspired Clubmasters and instantly fell head over heels in love. On top it, it seemed like they were featured everywhere – bloggers, magazines & Co (see here and here) seemed to passionately share my newly found love (did someone say selective perception?). After weeks of searching for the perfect knock-off, I got weak and finally ordered a pre-used original pair via willhaben.at that arrived in perfect shape. Happy peppy Sophie! What do you think?



Take care & read you soon – xoxo,



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