The other day I stumbled upon a super interesting article by thenextweb.com, covering the topic of fashion blogging as well as the (often) underestimated influence it has on the global industry. I simply had to share this with you guys.

Nowadays it’s no secret that brands are basically bound to continuously monitor and analyse their audience in order to keep up (especially when it comes to handling one’s social media appearance, along with issue management, shit storms and so forth). What’s relatively new however, is that the fashion industry not only increasingly observes and – at a certain point in time – cooperates with fashion bloggers, but also collects a great deal of inspiration from then. Haven’t you ever taken a shopping stroll through town and wondered: “Hey, I’ve seen that combo online” or “Interesting, that’s totally my favorite blogger’s sense of style”…? Well, most of the time it’s not a coincidence.

 “Bloggers are becoming the biggest voices in fashion and are changing the way brands reach customers […] while defining trends for readers that were once only swayed by the big fashion magazines.” (cf. Amanda Raye 2012)


If you’re interested in reading the whole article, go ahead and click-edy-click here! Until then… Enjoy some good old late night thoughts about the world we live in. I certainly did.

Take care & read you soon – xoxo,


(Illustration by John Paul Thurlow via marleymumbles.blogspot.co.at)


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